Miscarriage, Ectopic, Infant loss, Infertility. Experiencing any type of child loss is devastating.  While there are major immediate physical and emotional affects on the mom, Dads experience the same emotions too.  Except for the physical side, men experience feelings of heartbreak, confusion, anger, powerless, helplessness and often times no emotions at all. 

As men,  we are the protectors, the strength and the providers for our families. We live in a society where we're made to feel that we have to make everything right and smooth things over when times are hard. 

When you've experienced child loss and or infertility, in the mans mind there is absolutely nothing that he can do to make it right, from our point of view that is a hard pill to swallow.   

That is when feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, numbness and being unable to provide any direction or answers to a situation that you so want to make right sets in. In order to heal from these experiences there has to be a focus on both  mom and dad for dealing and coping with these issues. There is help! 

Men, the best healing is to connect with your partner, communicate with them and let them know how you feel. The loss is not just all about them, but its about the both of you! 

As co-founder of Keys of Hope™ Foundation, I am dedicated to helping provide men with resources to overcome their feelings, deal with grief and ultimately  become better partners for their wife or mate  in the process of moving forward from these tragic experiences.

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Ronald Stanley, Vice President & Co-Founder