Keys of Hope™​


The Keys of Hope™  peer support group focus is centered around curated keys (sources) to help women and couples find their way back to hope after experiencing loss. The group discussions, topics and assignments will be facilitated by our founder, Anesha Stanley, along with co-facilitators, health experts from our board members and other local community leaders and professionals who have partnered with Keys of Hope™.

Although pregnancy loss is what has connected us, we don't have to live our lives lonely and greviously. That is why our peer support group is unique because our discussions and activities are fun, a great way to release and share feelings and will aid in emotional healing. 

Topics include but are not limited to:  SUPPORT/GRIEF, FAITH, SELF-CARE, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY & DREAMS/GOALS.

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Each woman who complete the support group program will receive a Keys of Hope Box ™ filled with quality, natural, homemade products from local businesses who support the Keys of Hope™ mission.