For sometime now I've been spiritually pregnant with the Keys of Hope™ Foundation and I've given myself to constant prayer. And one day it happend...early March 2019, God told me to share my journey with other women who have also experienced pregnancy loss and infertility because there is a need for support. I then asked God for the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How!

Who? Me! I am a wild woman who survived my wilderness. I’m a girl who decided to get up from hearing bad news about the fertility of my body, depression, isolation, PTSD, anxiety, fear, suicidal thoughts, shame and hopelessness.  You are the Who. Anyone struggling with pregnancy loss and infertility waiting on the promise of hope to manifest is the Who.


  • Write a Book: Lives is going to be changed....Coming Soon!
  • Start a foundation to promote awareness about infertility, pregnancy (multiple birth) loss and ectopic pregnancy.
  • Create and facilitate a peer support group for women and couples who need to know they are not alone in relation to infertility and pregnancy loss​.
  • Organize a movement, a sisterhood, for women to get up from what seems to be “ashes of defeat” and empower them to live a life of purpose. 
  • Give: A gift given in the time of loss and need can aid in the healing process. Our Hope Boxes are carefully curated with quality locally made products that promotes selfcare during a sensitive time.
  • Organize fundraisers and family oriented community activities about such common, yet secretive topics as pregnancy loss and infertility.

On the original due date that I would have brought home our Warrior baby, April 24 2019.

Start in Saginaw, MI. Great Lakes Bay Region.

Why?  There is purpose in my pain. I had to go through the journey so God can now use my story of brokenness to help other women. It’s needed for such a time as this. Someone needs to break the silence and talk about what is actually more common than what we are aware of.  There is nothing of its kind in our community.
  A BIG vision from a BIG God...I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! He called me, chosen me, qualified and anointed me through my pain. 

Our Mission


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  • Peer Support Group (Saginaw area)
  • Fundraising Events
  • Infertility, Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy Support
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  • Growing Online Library of Testimonies
We exist to provide keys (a thing that provides a means of gaining access to or understanding something) of hope, meaningful support and encouragment to women, men and couples during their season of waiting and or loss.

We desire to be the leading key in empowering the lives of others on this journey by walking alongside them.

We will help you reignite your passion and turn your pain into purpose.

We want to see marriages strengthened and not torn apart. Husbands are provided quality resources to better understand and support their wives.

Family members and friends are provided resources to better understand how to support thier loved ones and get tips on knowing the right and wrong ways of  show up for thier loved ones .